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The Yellow House

A love for two things; the color Yellow and Pop art define this project, a 2300 sft. three bedroom apartment in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Designed for a family of three, this apartment sits on the penthouse floor of a 20 storey high-rise and is blessed with plenty of natural light and ventilation.

The idea for the project stemmed from the client’s love for a particular shade of the color yellow and the intent was to use it to tie all the spaces in the home together and have the color flow into some elements of the furniture and furnishings as well. The flooring is kept a minimal white which acts as canvas against which the yellow can play itself.  

The use of the color is complemented by the client’s other love; Pop art. Generously scattered around the home are prints of artworks from the Pop era which also use the color yellow in multiple iterations. The furnishings used in the house act as a counterpoint to compliment and contrast the yellow and the artwork.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Prashant Prabhu, Meghna Gilani

Construction Team : Lucky Khera 

Loose Furniture : Rishi Kapoor at The Casting Couch

Accessories and Styling : Nikhil Kovale and team

Images : Prashant Prabhu

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