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The Grey House

The Grey House was an experiment in experience. The home has a modest footprint of 1250 sft. albeit with a large heart and a lot of ambition.

Home to a design entrepreneur family, it was imagined around a minimal Scandinavian palette with pastels and shades of light wood. Located in the western suburbs of Juhu in Bombay, the original space had a lot of access to sunlight and natural ventilation. The intent was to build on this with a light grey base palette that would then be accentuated with little pops of pastels through furnishings, wallpaper and art. The idea was to restrain oneself from "over-design" while maintaining a balance between form, function and feel. 

Arches are used throughout the home as a design element to tie the different living spaces together while softening the experience of moving through them.


Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu, Jugal Desai, Darshneet Gandhi

Construction Team : Mass Interiors

Loose Furniture and Lighting Elements : Hatsu

Images : Pulkit Sehgal

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