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The Chocolatería

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Designed and executed in collaboration with Lahar Design Studio, this chocolateria was a fun project done in a short span of time. This 1200 sft. multi-level space was planned to house a chocolate making workshop and is a mini factory where the ingredients are stored, processed, made into chocolates and packaged to be delivered to clients.


The intent was not to design a retail store experience but more of a workshop. The lower level has the hot and cold kitchens, store room and packaging room. The entry level is for waiting and dispatch while the upper level houses the office space where client meetings take place and the packaging design is done. 


Since this wasn't to be a customer facing retail space and was instead to be occupied by the people making these sweet wonders, it needed to be a 'fun'ctional space. Warm colors with pockets of blue was the palette selected to create a colorful, eclectic, refreshing and vibrant space, a true representative of the essence of Choc O Bloc.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Lahar Mehta

Construction Team : Sayed S. Hasan 

Images : Sagar Padwal 

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