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Parel Residence

The Parel residence designed for a family of four was a fun exercise in collaboration and restraint. The brief required us to work with the existing layout of the three bedroom, 1500 sq. feet home located in a residential tower in Central Mumbai.


Making minimum structural changes, the task was to convert a dreary apartment with a beautiful view of the mill lands of Mumbai into a home for four avid

trekker-travelers who brought back memories in the form of photographs and souvenirs that were to have a place of pride in their home.


Our goal was to give the home a look that was simple yet comfortable, designed yet not over-powering and put the family’s immediate needs first. The layout was kept open and free-flowing with minimum built-in interventions. The home was designed as a space that would evolve over time and keep changing with the family's new travels and experiences.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu, Siddharth Bhandari

Construction Team : Om Jangid, Ramlal Jangid

Images : Sameer Tawde, Prashant Prabhu, Siddharth Bhandari


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