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Orient Point Residence : New York

The Orient Point Residence is a weekend retreat for a New York City-based couple with two children, located on a magnificent site overlooking Long Island Sound.

The renovation and addition to the existing 1960's split-level house accentuates transparency and creates space for the family and their art collection.


Positioned on the bluff closer to the water, the house has spectacular views of the Long Island Sound to the north and of beautifully landscaped woodlands to the south. The design opens up the house to the landscape and celebrates the views of the water. The new master bedroom suite, dining and living areas make the most of the original split-level section, extending to rooftop terraces and forming a series of linked outdoor rooms overlooking the Sound.


The material palette of natural wood siding, glass, stainless steel cable rail and colored laminate plywood also works with the spirit of the original house, offering a rich and harmonious back-drop for the client’s eclectic mix of art, furniture and collectibles.

Project Team: Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Prashant Prabhu, Andrew Skey (This project was completed whilst working as an architect with Bade Stageberg Cox Architects)

Images : Andy Ryan

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