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Misak Residence : New York

The Misak Residence in Brooklyn, New York retains the exterior form of a 19th century Park Slope brownstone. The proposed design carved a sky-lit double-height space from the interior of the building to respond to a young family's desire for communication between floors and to allow natural light to penetrate the interior.


Through a process of strategic removal, the house was reduced in square footage while simultaneously expanded in terms of spatial volume and openness to light. The renovation appears "in process" as layers of history are evident and highlight a sense of the building's past.

The new arrangement promotes family intimacy. The design re-organization locates the kitchen on the main floor as the heart of family life, and the arranges the bedrooms to overlook the central double-height dining space. An original pocket door with decorative etched glass connects the master bedroom to a reading balcony overlooking the central family living space.

Project Team : Timothy Bade, Jane Stageberg, Martin Cox, Prashant Prabhu, Andrew Skey (This project was completed whilst working as an architect with Bade Stageberg Cox Architects)

Images : Andy Ryan

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