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Crescent Bay Residence

A 1450 sft. apartment in one of the new high rise complexes in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai, this three bedroom residence was designed for a fun family of five. The starting point for the design of the home was a reference to the love and nostalgia that the client had for the “Bombay” of the past.


Having lived in an old property in South Bombay for a long time, they loved everything from the era when Mumbai was Bombay; the charm of the Gothic arches, the delicate art deco light fixtures, the colors of the stained glass in the church windows and the simplicity of terrazzo floors that felt soothing to the touch.

The idea was not to entirely recreate the “Bombay" of the past but rather to use some of the elements that the clients loved and cared about and infuse them into a home that was modern in experience, comfortable and full of light and green. Function and efficiency was never sacrificed for the purpose of nostalgia and every square inch of space was maximized to create a warm and loving home, one that sits on the 37th floor yet seems very connected to the ground.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu, Darshneet Gandhi, Jugal Desai

Construction Team : Aakash Vishwakarma

Images : Sameer Tawde

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