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cBalance Solutions

cBalance is a knowledge-centric solutions hub working with the environment sector that seeks to facilitate balance in carbon, ecological cost, and local communities to enable balance in global climate.

cBalance is a partner company with (de)CoDe architecture and we were brought on board to help design their low cost, space effective office in Pune. The creative environment of the office space is housed within a residential society and hence the challenge lay in converting a residential layout into one of an office requiring a co-working space, a conference room and an isolated working space. All areas needed natural light and ventilation as the office was keen on limiting the use of air-conditioners.

Keeping the company’s philosophy of reducing carbon footprint in mind, all the loose furniture was pre-owned and repurposed / refurbished with only the conference room customized to the site. The zero-VOC wall colours were selected keeping the informal office environment in mind and bamboo blinds are used for window shading.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu

Construction Team : Santosh Mishra and Team

Images : Meghna Gilani

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