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Carnegie Hill Residence : New York City

A contemporary and modern residential project on the Upper East side of New York City, this is a 6000 sq, ft. duplex apartment located right in the heart of Manhattan.

Completed in collaboration with Atelier New York Architecture and Ken Hudes, this project was an exercise in material and spatial exploration; wherein three large apartments were combined to form a single duplex home for a family of six. The three apartments stacked vertically were connected together by a new stair and bridge in steel and glass. The circulation thus achieved opened up the surrounding interior, channeling natural light deep into the building's existing floor plate.

The choice of materials consisted of industrial grade metal for the structure of the stair and the kitchen fixtures while the rooms were kept warm with veneer cladding and soft furnishings.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Ken Hudes, Meghna Gilani

Construction Team : Wolfgang Holik and team.

Images : David Matthew Walters

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