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Bindra Residence

The apartment is designed for a lovely family of six who had just moved into an empty shell in a new residential complex in Bandra, Mumbai. The task was to combine two apartments and convert the large bare space given by the builder into a home for the family on a budget. The family also had a large collection of furniture from their old home which was to be re-purposed and given a new life within the house.

The idea was to divide the large living space into four separate zones of dining, media, interaction and lounge wherein each area was self sufficient but the whole space itself would not lose its openness and receive natural light through the day.


All the new furniture elements were designed to be light on the eye and moved towards the walls to keep the circulation through the entire apartment open and easy.The living space is anchored by an open kitchen and bar on one end which further helps to accentuate the length of the apartment.


The two daughters in the family share a bedroom, dressing area and lounge space which was carved out of 2 small existing bedrooms. This space in the apartment is designed in all white with few hints of color, pattern and plush to compliment their personalities.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu, Karan Desai, Jugal Desai

Construction Team : Jagdish Suthar

Images : Sameer Tawde, Prashant Prabhu

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