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Residence at Bhowanipore

Our first project in the "City of Joy" was a largish 1750 sft. three bedroom apartment with a long living and dining space and located in the prime neighborhood of Bhowanipore in Calcutta.


Designed for a joint set up of two brothers living together with their families, the home was in an old building that was undergoing a face lift. The home had been unchanged since the matriarch of the family lived in it and it had to be brought up to modern times and fit the active lifestyle of the current family. 

We worked with a modern palette and zoned the home to suit the working of a joint family while trying to provide adequate space for members of all ages in the family. The project was completed just before Covid. The images towards the end are of the existing home before we started the design and renovation.  

Status : Completed (Not documented)

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu

Construction Team : Naseem Shaikh 

Renders : Simran Vichare, Yukta Gahankar 

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