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Indrayani Residence

An 1800 sft. apartment on the eighth floor of a high rise in the suburb of Mira Road in Mumbai, this three bedroom home was designed for a loving family of 2 doctors and 3 adorable dogs.


The original space, though spacious and with a large outdoor terrace, was devoid of natural light as the terrace was blocked off with walls and only had a single door access. Some of the existing walls were taken down; windows and openings were strategically provided to allow the natural light from the terrace to flow through the house and optimize views through all the rooms and out through the terrace. The terrace is now the heart of the home with all rooms having easy visual access to it and is a space of quiet and contemplation for the family away from their hectic schedules.


Every bedroom in the home has a different personality reflecting that of its inhabitant yet the design attempts to thread all the rooms together through the use of materials, colors, art and accessories.

Status : Completed

Design Team : Meghna Gilani, Prashant Prabhu, Siddharth Bhandari, Navin Jain, Nupoor Aroskar

Construction Team : Avadhraj Mourya

Images : Sameer Tawde

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